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Dear Taekwondo Family,

As the Dean I cheerfully welcome you to Kyung Hee Universities International Taekwondo Academy.
Kyung Hee University has always been a pioneer in the field of Taekwondo. It has played a leadership role in upgrading a national and international standard of excellence. Having had a successful Taekwondo team since 1960, the University began Korea´s first full time Taekwondo department in 1983. We have enjoyed numerous successes since the initial inauguration of this program.

I am delighted that our Taekwondo Department will be pouring its rich history and accomplishments into our International Taekwondo Academy. At Kyung Hee we have designed a challenging training program that will not only enrich he body but the mind as well. Students can expect every step to learn something new that will strengthen them as an individual, because here at Kyung Hee we strive to draw out the utmost potential in every participant.

Our Instructors have years of experience and come from various fields in Taekwondo competition, research and administration. We can guarantee that you will have the best information possible from these sources. Here we can ensure the most up to date facilities and equipment available in Taekwondo today. Because of this we can make certain the highest quality of education and training.

We are proud to inform you that more than 500 Taekwondo Coaches, Masters and athletes have successfully graduated from the ITA course since 1997. We have also provided on-site training about professional methodology to coaches and masters around the world in affiliation with the WTF. Out of this our goal for Taekwondo is Globalization of our beloved Martial Art.

Besides these accomplishments, we not only want you to experience Taekwondo but also Korean culture, history and philosophy as well. Coming to Korea will be an eye opening experience you will never forget. We have numerous field trips and classes, which will immerse you into the beauty and tradition of Korean Culture and Martial Arts Philosophy. Through this you can truly understand the essence of what Taekwondo is.

With your participation and support I am confident that the total quality of life is improved wherever the power and beauty of Taekwondo is shared.


Choi Yong Ryul


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