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Date : 10-04-08 12:12
WTF- Kyung Hee Univ. Partnership Taekwondo Training Program for 2010
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The WTF has been conducting the WTF-University Partnership Taekwondo Training Program in cooperation with International Taekwondo Academy of Kyung Hee University.   

The program aimed at training athletes and coaches  is part of the WTF Taekwondo Solidarity Program to help our Member National Associations promote and develop taekwondo, as well as foster taekwondo hopefuls in their countries.

Two courses for athletes and two courses for coaches are held in a year.

For this purpose, Member National Associations are requested to recommend taekwondo hopefuls in their countries, in accordance with the conditions of participation and requirements of applicants set forth in the attached outline.

Sincerely yours,

Jin Suk YANG
Secretary General
World Taekwondo Federation

Encl.  – Outline of courses for 2010
      -Application form ( 1st Half)
      -Application form ( 2nd Half)

17-06-19 13:37
how to i am applying for this program in coming season .